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Ruth Monterroza
Ana Montgomery was more than what we could have asked for! Not only was she on time, creative with poses and locations, and very patient; but she was super fun to work with and her work is extremely breathtaking. I had both my engagement photoshoot and wedding photography with her and she was always ready and prepared with everything she needed. She always had such a positive and energetic personality that was so contagious. She has such a great eye for everything and made sure we looked our best! She made sure that everything was perfect and made my husband and I super comfortable. She was more than professional and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else make these special moments last for a lifetime through the art of photography. Thanks so much Anita! You were amazing!
Nina Prays(non-registered)
A New Mirror Design
Today my former boss, Ana Maria Correa-Montgomery, happened to have a photoshoot right by my house and called me up. Why would my former boss from an IT organization have a photoshoot? Because after early retirement she found her true calling in photograpgy. And why would she call me up? Because she wanted to visit.
Mind you, I have been sick for a week: pajamas, tea, VERY casual attire appropriate for my horizontal state. But at the sound of her voice I cheer up, old times…
So, I crawl out of bed. Both me and Arcady Milrud put on more presentable casuals and wait for her to come.
She does, as always, bursting with enthusiasm. We have a nice chat and then she does not offer to take our pictures. She orders me and Arcady to submit. “You get ready, Nina, comb your hair and put on lipstick, I will just run to the car to bring my camera”. In 5 minutes she comes back, laden with equipment and lugging a huge case. How I now wish to have taken a picture of Ana in her full magnificent gear. But, alas, I never think of it in time. She looks like a modern day Diana, laden with huge cameras which look like assault weapons. Maybe they are. The only reason her small frame does not crumble under the weight is that she is VERY strong under all that deceptive slender elegance.
And then she marches us outside and starts maneuvering us “look that way, no, turn your body this way, now, look at each other and smile, etc”. And flash, and click and change weapons and flash and click and flash and click. And then it is over.
And then we see the photos. Dear God!!!! We are young and happy. Our faces are radiant and smooth and, shall I say it: beautiful! (See the AMC album below)
Hooray for Ana Maria Correa-Montgomery!!!! This is what she did for us and is doing for her clients day after day through her blossoming photography business at
What can I say? Will those pictures make looking at our faces in mirrors every day a bit jarring? Oh, well, it is jarring anyway…
But here’s an idea: what if I print out those photos and affix them over our mirrors so that the glamorous images are all we see? Would that be cool or what?
Nicole Hawatmeh(non-registered)
Ana Montgomery is truly one of the most talented people I have met. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is unlike anything else. My husband and I have been beyond happy with her work since day 1. Our engagement photo shoot with Ana was so much fun, and we are so thrilled to have captured such beautiful moments, and beautiful pictures. On our wedding day, Ana and her team worked so hard the whole day, and was always making sure we were happy and getting the shots we want! I can't wait to see our wedding album after seeing the engagement album! Ana gave us such breathtaking pictures after our wedding that both of our moms LOVED! They had tears in there eyes every time they look back at the pictures. Ana, THANK YOU. Thank you for capturing such amazing pictures on our most special day!!
Carlos & Joanna Leon, Jr.(non-registered)
Thank you for the wonderful engagement and wedding albums, for we are so blessed to have a gorgeous time with our engagement and wedding by Jesus gave us an opportunity to have an enjoyment to share with family and friends. We are honored to have Ana and William to be there for our wedding day to seize the precious moments together through our journey. We will truly use them in the future.
God Bless.
Indra Bartona(non-registered)
Thank you Ana for the opportunity to work with you again. I emailed Mom one of the photos and she was overwhelmed by your capture. On the phone with her, she mentioned noticing your incredible growth & talent. I'm so blessed to have you as a dear friend that just so happens to be an amazing photographer xo.
Marcia Blachman(non-registered)
We cannot thank you enough. Ana, you have an incredible ongoing connection to the community of LA County. Your passion for people and giving back is infectious. Thank you for volunteering your time and talent to DPSS Toy Loan. You truly captured the positive spirit of that day. The pictures are beautiful and inspiring. My staff could not stop talking about what a talented and charismatic person you are! You were able to squeeze us in to your very busy schedule and we are so appreciative. Many thanks and heartfelt hugs, you are one of a kind!
Indra Bartona(non-registered)
Had the most amazing photo shoot with Ana yesterday. The photos are fantastic. Ana is so gifted with lighting, she can't help but to capture me at my best! I love working with Ana and excited for our next shoot.
Itzi Castillo(non-registered)
I am thrilled with the amazing pictures you've taken. Thank you Anita for capturing this beautiful chapter in our lives. For making it so lovely and special. Your professionalism and passion is definitely shown in every picture you take. Thank you once again :)
Beker and Melissa Figueroa(non-registered)
We had the upmost pleasure of getting a photo shoot with Ana Montgomery Photography! LOVED everything about our session: the pictures, the experience and the passion Ana has for making every picture worth one thousand words. I highly recommend using her company to anyone needing her services and I WILL be using her in the future!!!
Abdullah Alsanea(non-registered)
Ana is a truly amazing photographer. She knows how to direct you and very knowledgeable of what she is passionate about. This is my second time with her, and I am completely satisfied with the result.

I highly recommend her, and such a great energy during the photo shoot.
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